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If you are having challenges making ends meet, don't hesitate to start crafting to sell great items that you can enjoy for many years. From wreaths to plant stands, being able to make new things can introduce you to an entirely new world, which can really help you to enjoy an easy source of income. This blog is all about how much fun you can have creating great art and fun items for around your house, since it can be incredibly fun and easy to enjoy pieces that you have made from home. Check out these posts to learn more.


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5 Women-Friendly Ways To Carry A Concealed Weapon

There are many places on the body that a person can conceal a gun. Women with a concealed carry permit are not prevented from concealing what they carry because of today's clothing fashions. There are many options that work with any woman's wardrobe. Here are some stylish examples of how you can carry your concealed weapon without looking like an outlaw wearing a long duster coat with different types of Glock 42 IWB holsters.

During Exercise

Exercise is important to keep you in shape and feeling good and you don't have to do it unprotected. You can carry your gun with you while you go on a run or a bike ride. 

You can buy a pair of fitted holster shorts to wear underneath your workout shorts or pants. The holster shorts have a discreet pocket that sits on your back waist-line, so your gun is always within easy reach if you need it while exercising.

Under a Skirt or Dress

Just because you are dressed up for an evening out does not mean that you need to leave your handgun at home. Your gun may not fit in your sequined clutch, but it will fit inside a thigh holster underneath your skirt. This discreet location for your weapon keeps it accessible, but out of the way. 

Thigh holsters can be lacy, but strong, or attached to a pair of under-lining shorts. You can choose a thigh holster with stylish laces in various colors. It is fun to be packing your own weapon just as the ladies in the Old West did, instead of in a regular shoulder or belt clip holster. You don't need to be Annie Oakley to carry a handgun under your clothes.

Under Hip-hugger Jeans

A waist holster that sits low on your hips can carry several weapons and up to three magazines of ammunition. This snug-fitting holster fits under your low-rise pants and underneath your shirt. 

It is comfortable even while you are sitting and it holds everything in place with magnets for added support.

Inside Your Shirt

You can still wear a sexy, lacy bra and carry your weapon. What better place to keep your gun than under your shirt, within the front part of your bra? Many women already tuck and carry their cell phone and their cash in this same place.

This type of holster snaps around the center part of your bra, between the cups, and holds your gun securely underneath your bra's strap. Your handgun is not flopping around, but is held in place until you need it. Then, you can reach underneath your shirt to unsnap it from its holster.

You can also keep your handgun on the side of your torso, inside a pocket of a snug-fitting holster shirt. This holster shirt can be worn underneath most tops and it also makes your gun easily accessible. Your attacker may not know what you are reaching for at first, until you pull out your handgun.

In a Gun Holster Purse

There may be days when you don't want to wear your handgun when you are out and about. A gun holster purse holds all your everyday items, plus has a separate holster pocket, at the opening of the purse, where your hand gun will sit. The top of the purse is open to give you full access to your weapon when you might need it in a moment's notice.

There are many creative and fashionable solutions for concealing your handgun with all the many different types of clothing that you wear daily. There is no reason to risk your safety when you have a concealed carry permit and own a handgun.